Zombie Rush

It’s a new game in crazy world, make every effort to survive as possible as you can.
Meanwhile, get high scores to activate your potential through the joystick or knock on the screen.

1. Fantastic characters
2. Various of Challenge
3. Daily rewards
4. Awesome ranking list
5. Amazing game music and images

Shoot the Ball

Shoot the Ball is a really easy to play game. You can not stop to play when you start it.

How to play: Click to insert the balls but avoid crash.

1. Easy to play
2. Champion with the friends all over the world.

Waiting for you high levels!

Undersea Rescue Mission

Undersea Rescue Mission is a Clicking elimination game which combines adventure, elimination, passing through and social intercourse. You are set in the bright seabed, find the prisoned fish and rescue them. The game is easy to pick up and fun to play with delicate picture. There are 10 distinctive challenges, 150(and updating) well designed levels, and group adventure with millions of players. It's such a casual and elimination puzzle game like fairy tale that you can't stop playing!

Undersea Rescue Mission is a delicate puzzle elimination game with colorful scenes. In this game, the players need to eliminate elements with same color to complete missions, score and unlock next level.

The scene is fresh and delicate to watch. The game originally creates the physics engine system, the bursting bubbles will bring you amazing clicking pleasure!

The game uses original physics engine system to create a wonderful elimination pleasure while clicking. Download now and have a try!

Characteristics of the game
1. It's the first physics to engine system clicking elimination game of the world that you can't stop playing~
2. Cute fishes, shining pearl, colorful coral and all kinds of splendid elements under the sea~
3. 150 levels and updating~
4. 10 distinctive challenges, unfold your undersea adventure~
5. Group undersea adventure for 1,000,000 players, what are you waiting for?

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